Who do we work with - Psihološko savetovalište „Mozaik“
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Who do we work with

In our counseling office we encounter:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families

We meet people who…

  • want to be heard
  • want to improve the quality of their lives and to become happier and more successful
  • want to improve their parenting skills
  • want to stop feeling sad, helpless and hopeless
  • want to stop being worried and afraid
  • want to learn to believe in themselves
  • want to finish jobs initiated long time ago and fulfill promises given long time ago
  • do not want to make the same mistakes over and over again
  • want better relations with their parents, friends or partners
  • want to improve their social skills
  • want to improve their problem solving skills
  • want to learn how to stand up for themselves and for their believes
  • want to learn how to control their anger
  • want to stop procrastinating
  • want to stop smoking or over-eating
  • want to take better care of their health
  • want to improve their presentation skills
  • need help adapting to the new circumstances in life
  • need help adapting to the new roles
  • have problems studying
  • have problems staying motivated
  • have trouble getting organized and managing time
  • want relief from stress
  • want to foster their talents and improve their performance.

And all of you who did not find yourselves in the above descriptions, but still have something to tell us!

We also meet families…

  • who want to prepare or better adapt to developmental changes and stress
  • want their house to be home – place of harmony and satisfaction
  • who encounter same problems over and over again
  • who are not satisfied with their situation, but are not sure what seams to be the problem
  • who want to lead more qualitative life
  • with lots of arguments and tension
  • whose members want to communicate more openly but do not know how
  • that are dealing with loss
  • that are dealing with separation or divorce
  • that are dealing with chronic illness
  • that are dealing with different problems such as chronic diseases, exile, alcoholism, depression etc.

As well as couples who…

  • want to learn problem-solving
  • want to solve conflicts
  • want to find better ways of communicating
  • want to assess whether they want to establish a family
  • have problems with their parents
  • want to harmonize their differences
  • have sexual problems
  • want to enjoy their lives together.

We also work with companies and their employees at issues such as:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improvement of interpersonal relations
  • Conflict solving
  • Communication within a team
  • Decision-making process
  • Management of emotions which hinder personal and professional functioning
  • Preparation for public speaking and presentation etc.
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