Trainings and seminars - Psihološko savetovalište „Mozaik“
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Trainings and seminars

Workshops and training seminars

In addition to the everyday practice, Psychological counseling center “Mozaik“ organizes workshops and seminars both for interested individuals and for various companies.

As for the topics and organization, our seminars are always adapted to the beneficiary’s needs, so the working method can vary from consultations to interactive lectures, experience learning through exercises, solving of concrete practice-related problems, discussions etc.

Apart from adaptability to your needs and capabilities, our work is featured by confidentiality as well as multi-year experience in work with business, educational and NGO sectors.

Consequently, we have until now, organized training seminars, primarily intended for the employees in educational and NGO sector, covering the topics such as:

  • Conflicts and strategy of conflict resolution
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Preparation for public appearance – managing stage freight
  • Motivation and learning
  • Adolescence
  • Parenting
  • Decision making process
  • NGO Management
  • Promotion of cooperation between school and family.

Apart from training for work with these topics and target groups, our team members are personally experienced in work as consultants, trainers, psychotherapists, educators and managers who used to encounter and solve the aforesaid issues in practice.

Should you be interested in some other topics, please contact us to assess together whether we can offer you a relevant training/seminar. If, however we cannot provide such services we will gladly suggest the organizations that could help you.

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