Researches - Psihološko savetovalište „Mozaik“
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Scientific research

In order to have an efficient practice, it is vital to follow modern scientific achievements and continuously research and verify theories and concepts we use. Therefore, “Mozaik“ members attend professional meetings and in addition to everyday practice, carry out researches from various fields of psychotherapy, psychology, pedagogy and andragogy.

So far we have researched the following topics:

  • Family structure and family relationships
  • Life-Span development and Family life cycle
  • Parenting
  • Early maladaptive schemes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger and strategies of anger regulation
  • Application of systemic family psychotherapy in various contexts
  • Adolescence and families with adolescents
  • Behavioral disorders in adolescents
  • Refugees and refugee families
  • Conflicts
  • Marketing in electronic media
  • Organization in family companies
  • Tendency to changes in employees in family companies

If you are interested, to get acquainted with the above topics or participate in some of our researches feel free to contact us. We would be glad to answer all of your questions and to discuss all the aforesaid issues with you. 

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