How do we work - Psihološko savetovalište „Mozaik“
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How do we work

Work principles in the Counseling center “Mozaik”:

1. Expertise and competence

All the therapists engaged in the Counseling center “Mozaik” completed at least one quadrennial education in psychotherapy. They all have a national certificate for psychotherapy awarded by the Union of Associations of Psychotherapists of Serbia and are candidates for European Certificate of Psychotherapy.

All the therapists engaged in the Counseling center “Mozaik” attend seminars and workshops, take part in professional meetings, follow theoretic, practical and research achievements in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy.

2. Work to the client’s benefit

The therapists work so that psychotherapy has beneficial output and never to be detrimental to clients. Should they realize their own limitations or find out that the presented problem exceeds their competencies, the therapists who work in the Counseling center shall notify their clients about that and discuss with him/her possible solutions (e.g. refer him/her to the therapist specialized in that field, consultation with a supervisor etc.).

Psychotherapists complete the clinical or counseling relation upon client’s request or once it has become clear that the client has no benefits from the sessions. They help client find alternative sources of assistance.

3. Respecting of client’s autonomy: client’s choices, behaviors and actions in line with personal convictions and values

The therapists take in consideration client’s attitude and stimulate clients to freely and responsibly decide on essential issues of their own life. The therapist shall not impose his/her own system of values to the client or make important life decisions instead of him/her.

4. Work in compliance with legal norms, ethical codes, professional standards and moral norms

The therapists from the Counseling center “Mozaik” work in compliance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Serbia, in line with Ethical instructions of the European Association of Psychotherapists, Ethical code of the Union of Associations of Psychotherapists of Serbia and Association of Psychologists of Serbia, as well as in compliance with the standards learnt in the course of education and supervision.

5. Giving of objective and true information

The therapists who work in the Counseling center “Mozaik” offer to clients objective and accurate information about their own professional qualifications, way of work, financial conditions of treatments as well as on psychotherapeutic methods to be implemented.

6. Therapist has a strictly professional relation with the client

The therapists who work in the Counseling center “Mozaik” accept only clients who are not otherwise related to them (relatives, friends, neighbors, associates etc.). Even upon the completion of the therapy, the therapist cannot become friends with clients or to continue contact in different circumstances.

7. Confidentiality

The contents expressed by the clients are confidential except for the intention, attempt or committing of murder, suicide or abuse. In such a situation, the therapist is obliged to communicate the possible intentions of the client to a hospital, his/her family, police, potential victim etc. Additionally, should it be requested by the court, the therapist is obliged to submit the details from the client’ psychotherapy.
Finally, a secret can be communicated to the family, friends, partner, children or friends if the client clearly indicates to the therapist that he/she wishes so. On the contrary, the therapist shall not give any data on the client and the ongoing therapy, regardless of how other people might be interested to find that out.

For more information on these principles see the aforesaid ethical codes.



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