Who are we?

Psychological counseling center „Mozaik“ brings together experts of various profiles joined by their commitment to psychotherapy and orientation towards helping people to be satisfied on personal, family and professional level.

Psychological counseling center „Mozaik“ is owned and run by

Mozaik’s multidisciplinary team of experts:

  • Milorad Nedeljković – Special pedagogue, individual and family psychotherapist
  • Irina Radanović – Psychologist, psychotherapist (REBT/CBT)
  • dr Daniel Mešković – Psychologist, psychotherapist (REBT/CBT)
  • Dragana Nešković – Psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist and mediator
  • Marko Tomašević Psychologist and psychotherapist under supervision
  • Srđan Dinulović – MBA, Subject Matter Expert for Leadership and Human factor

Our psychotherapists hold National Certificate for Psychotherapy awarded by the Union of Associations of Psychotherapists of Serbia, as well as European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) awarded by the European Association for Psychotherapy.

They are all members of national and international professional associations.

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